Camping Semeli has drawn up a plan according to the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism for the management of a suspect case of COVID-19 which describes:

  • The symptoms that characterize a person as a suspected case of COVID-19 infection (sudden onset of illness, with at least one of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath/dyspnea).
  • Telephone number «1135» in order to contact the responsible authority, to report the incident and for the guidance and its management in the Greek and English Language (Annex 1).
  • The temporary isolation of the incident until their safe transport for a medical diagnosis in its camp since one has a sliding motor caravan, or ensured that a room with natural ventilation, in case a person stay in a tent, a surgical mask should be worn by the person who presents the symptoms then they should be provided with paper tissue, plastic bag to throw items away and hand antiseptic with 70% alcohol content.
  • The use of surgical, protective goggles (glasses), protective footwear, long sleeved waterproof uniform and gloves, must be worn by anyone who enters the area of temporary isolation, protective uniform or equipment worn must be placed in a bag and by no means should they be reused, when the protective equipment is disposed of, hands must be thoroughly washed with soap and water.
  • Ventilation of temporary isolation area. After the patient leaves isolated area, all objects must be cleaned with chlorine 0,1% solution (4 teaspoons of chlorine content 5% per 1 liter of water)or ethyl alcohol 70% with a contact time of 10 minutes or another disinfectant with proven viral action(cleaning materials must either be disposed or washed at a temperature of 90°C before they are reused. One use materials are preferable).
  • Reference report to the competent Health Authority of all patient contacts two days of the onset of symptoms.
  • The contact details of National Emergency Aid Centre (ΕΚΑΒ), the communication details of the Hospital where the suspected case is to be transported, the communication details of the Health Service to which the Campsite belongs to.

For the implementation of the written plan and sanitary operating protocol of the Campsite in relation to the prevention on incident of COVID-19. The staff and customers shall be held responsible for the complete data referred to in the written plan COVID- 19 of the Campsite maintained under the responsibility of the management of Camping Semeli.

Adequacy and proper use of personal protection

Adequacy means of personal protection to be distributed to the staff of the campsite depending on their tasks, work and instructions of their proper use.

Informing customers about the obligation to implement protection measures against the COVID – 19 Infection

The customers are informed of the health operating protocol and the prevention measures of the COVID – 19 Infection which are applied at Campsites but also the measures which are valid in Greece which are possible before their arrival. The notification of the health operating protocol will be made to the permanent customers to the travel organizers (tour operators) agents, associations etc. as on the Camping websites, or posts on the social media. The health protocols and the relevant instructions must also be posted in prominent places,(entrance, accommodation, reception area, sanitary area etc.) or will be provided with printed information.

Communication/Share of the website of the Greek Government with information on the COVID-19 is determined infection and the measures concerning foreigners who are visiting the country in the English Language. It is recommended to update the website of the accommodation with a special section COVID-19 in which you will post the health protocol instructions, and political accommodation policy, with the possibility of a link in the official websites of the Greek Government. The customers will be informed, accept and will follow the instructions and measures, in case of non-acceptance or if delinquent behavior is determined then the property officials reserves the right not to accept the visitor and can request that they leave.

Use of individual, personal protection

The use of fabric masks is recommended and applied by staff, customers and anyone else who enters the indoor housing area of the accommodation.

Individual Protection
  • Hand sanitizing washing with soap and water should be applied. If the hands are evidently not dirty, alternative antiseptic content of 70% alcohol solution can be used. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene.
  • Antiseptic stations should be placed at the entrances of the internal sheltered common areas of the accommodation.
  • Proper respiratory health should be implemented that is covering the mouth with a paper towel (tissue) during coughing and then throwing it away in a plastic bag and applying antiseptic to the hands. For this purpose, provision has been made for the corresponding equipment (paper tissues / towels, disposable gloves, plastic bags etc.).
  • The touching of face, the nose and eyes should be avoided at all time.
    Social Distance

    Social Distancing of 1.5 meters should be applied in all internal and external areas among individuals who do not belong to the same family or company or are staying in the same camping means. In indoor shelter facilities in the campsite community distance must be maintained by implementing measures of significance and controlled entry to ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between individuals who use the area at the same time must use a fabric mask.

    Reporting Violations

    Whichever violation of the instructions and rules has to be reported to the suitable official/person of the Campsite for the prevention of suspected case of COVID – 19.

    • The staff who are working at Camping Semeli have been informed and trained as follows on the plan and management of a suspicious case of COVID – 19, in the use of ,individual protection, how to enforce, apply individual hygiene and social distancing including the rest of special regulations of the Campsite for the prevention of infection of COVID- 19.
    • The Administrators of the Campsite provide information to customers/visitors and train the staff for the measures of individual hygiene.
    • Techniques of Hand Hygiene (regular washing of hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, the use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene).
    • Hands must be washed after all activities, e g. hands must be washed after contact with other persons or after respiratory secretions (saliva, droplets after sneezing or coughing) after objects have been touched by other people such as handrails, door handles etc. before we wear a mask and after we take mask off, before we wear and take off gloves, after we go to restroom/toilet, before a meal, before we touch our face and our eyes etc.
    • If hands are not evidently dirty, alternatively an alcohol solution maybe used.
    • Meticulous, thorough compliance of hygiene measures, in particular the contact of hands with mouth or eyes should be strictly avoided.
    • Avoid contact with people/ patients who have respiratory symptoms.
    • Suitable, proper waste management.
    • Proper use of personal protection (masks and gloves).
    • The staff of the campsite and people operating it are trained to immediately report the relevant symptoms of COVID- 19 infection in their supervision themselves as well as of the customers if the notice any compatible symptoms .Staff members who develop respiratory infection symptoms must be isolated immediately from their work place.
      Avoid live trading transactions

      It is recommended that electronic transactions be preferred as far as possible in terms of orders, purchases of services and equipment, etc.

      General Operating Rules

      It is not allowed for non-residents to pass through, as well as using the camp facilities if one is not staying in the Camp accommodation, non-residents will be able to use the beach front without going through the Campsite .Beach visitors do not come into contact with customers and do not use the camp facilities.

      The address ,administration of the accommodation keeps a file in the campsite with the responsibility of all the people residing in it with the name ,ethnicity ,nationality, arrival and departure dates, contact details (address, phone, email) in each camp ,or of customers in business or tour operators. At any shift, contact person/official who is responsible for precautionary measures. For the operation of the coastal campsite, State regulations apply to beaches in terms of the prevention of COVID – 19.

      The Disinfection of shared /common used equipment and surfaces

      The following use points /equipment are cleaned and disinfected with a daily program and after each use with 0.1% chlorine solution [4 teaspoons of chlorine content 5% per liter of water] with ten minutes contact time and then rinsed or with the use of some other proven disinfectant with proven viral action.

      • Provided drinking water- taps, water pumps, hoses and other equipment used for water supply
      • Chemical toilet evacuation marks
      • Declaration doors for personal items and their keys
      • Circuits and keys from shared refrigerators
      • Power switches and other electricity /power points
      • Lifeguard equipment
      • Rubbish bins
      • Other points that are often touched (ATM handrails, railings)
      Camp positions

      The distance between each form of camp (caravans, motorhomes, tents, etc.) is at least 5 meters from the entrance door of the camp and 3 meters from each other side. Alternatively, the number of customers, including permanent customers, should be reduced by 20% from the approved capacity in individuals, provided that the forementioned distances of 5 and 3 meters are observed. The social distance of 1.5 meters between people who do not live in the same camp or house should also be ensured in all areas.

      Hygiene facilities

      The sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, hand washing areas, changing rooms, sinks for washing dishes) are kept clean and in good condition according to the Sanitary Provisions. They are cleaned and disinfected according to a posted updated program with a 0.1% chlorine solution (4 teaspoons of chlorine 5% per 1 liter of water) with a contact time of 10 minutes or as described in paragraph 8. They are adequately ventilated during use.

      With the care of the camp administration, garbage bins have been placed in various accessible places in the covered and open common areas. The sinks are constantly equipped with soap, hand towels and foot bins for trash. A specific written cleaning and control program is maintained at such a frequency as to ensure that the hygiene conditions of the facilities are maintained throughout the day.

      Restaurants, shops, recreational water facilities, beach, recreation areas for children and other facilities

      The instruction for the provision of sunbeds and umbrellas applies: “Instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases for the beaches”
      Restaurants, shops and other facilities will operate in accordance with Greek regulations.