According to legend, the ancient name of ‘Vrasies’ came from the slain Semeli. The earthware jar in which Zeus trapped Semeli and her son Dionysius as to punish them, was found on the current beach of Plaka. The devout citizens of the area decided to honour Semeli with a proper burial but also to take care of the upbringing o Dionysius thus referring him to the tutor Ino. The young tutor protected dionysius from divine and human power forces hiding him in the cave of the current monastery Agios Nikolaos Sytzas. The conquest of the divine beauty of the area fruited a love and euphoria relationship between Dionysius and the land, as a result the corps and fruit multiplied day by day. In honour of Dionysius the plains of the area were names ‘The Garden of Dionysius’.

Camping’s Map

With the view of Myrtoon Sea right beside the two kilometre pebbled beach of Leonidion is where Semeli Camping is situated.

Semeli Camping is run with basically and most importantly in mind respect to the natural enviroment thus making ones stay an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by the massive mountains of Parnona and right beside the coastline of Southern Kynouria, Semeli Camping offers visitors the ideal place to stay in Leonidion, to explore the ‘Natural Park 2000′ of Parnona but also the crystal clear waters of the unspoilt beaches of the area.

The visitors can enjoy high stadard services of the modern dining area and also can anjoy their coffee and refreshments at the cafeteria which overlooks the Myrtoon Sea. The Mini Market in the grounds provides visitors with their daily provisions and requiremtnts.

The location of Semeli Camping makes it an ideal place of destination for camping lovers and other visitors during the Spring and Summer months but also suitable for the Winter period.