Camping Semeli grounds is situated in the area of Plaka Leonidion Arkadia. Leonidion which is build alongside the Myrtoon Sea under the mountains of Parnona, is basically a traditional residential area. It is the capital of the Municipality of south Kynouria while its most distinctive feature is the imposing red rocky mountain, overlooking the area.

At a distance of 4Km from the centre of Leonidion axtends the seaside village of Plaka, it is the most important seaport of the Municipality, which particularly during antiquity constituted the centre of South Kynouria. The so called ‘Prasies’ or ‘Vrasies’ are placed over the port of Plaka on the hill of Agios Athanasios.

Harmoniously combining the natural observatory of the rocks, the inexhaustible source of the plains and the vast horizon of the sea is one of the favourite destinations of foreign visitors but also a lifelong landmark for locals.